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Fabric Giungla - Solida Collection | BROCHIER
BROCHIER luxury silk velvet | Prezioso velluto di seta | Tissus en velours de soie
BROCHIER - Collection REGINA 2016
BROCHIER - Diva Collection 2014


The attention to the colours and the choice of materials, the originality of the combinations and the ability to expertly combine art and technology, make BROCHIER a unique publisher.

The BROCHIER collections are born thanks to the strong artistic inspiration that the designer takes inside the Clerici Tessuto company, characterized by the continuous exchange of suggestions and creative ideas between the world of interior design and the fashion world.

From this creative contamination comes the search for high-performance structures for home furnishings that can interpret the classic best sellers of the clothing world, such as draped satin, embossed silk or bouclé fabrics with timeless charm.

Starting from a sketch or an image selected by the designer, our creatives draw the design by hand and create unique pieces that are then interpreted as jacquard or prints by the production departments of the company.

BROCHIER fabrics testify how creativity, design and realization can be harmoniously blended in a continuous attention to quality and beauty, proposing solutions that can last over time beyond the trends of the moment.

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